2020-21 Religious Education has begun!

On-site Religious Education classes began two weeks ago. Some of our on-site classes still have a few openings, so if you would like your child(ren) to be in our on-site program, please register right away.

For grades 1 and 3-6 we are also offering a family-based, home-study program from Sophia Institute Press. We hope to start the program in early October and will be ordering textbooks soon. Please register as you would for Religious Education and choose the option “family-based home instruction”. For more information, contact Susan Perrier, Assistant Director for Youth Discipleship, at sperrier@ctkcc.net. For the grade 2 sacrament preparation home option, please choose “2 home preparation” when you register.

The fee for grades 1 through A1:8 is $65 per child for up to five children. Financial aid and payment plans are available to anyone who asks, so please don’t let finances keep you from enrolling your children!

To register online, request aid, and learn more, please go to ctkcc.net/ctk-religious-education/youth-education.