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A1:8 Retreats

Join us for our next retreat in the Fall

The A1:8 retreats happen twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. With over a hundred teens in attendance, these retreats are major highlights of the year for teens and Core Team alike. The retreats include a two night stay at Bethany House in DeWitt, 5 meals, Adoration, Praise and Worship, Mass, hangout time, small groups, talks and much more.

Our Fall retreat, Now I Begin, had over a hundred teens in attendance. Many of them had life-changing encounters with the Lord in various ways. Take a look at the graphic on the right to see more!

Medical Health Form Link for teens who don’t have one submitted previously with CTK Church. This is a required document for going on retreat.


Introducing the Core Team:

The Core Team is a group of dedicated, passionate adults that engage in youth ministry at Christ the King. This group is responsible for planning retreats, providing valuable input in the direction of youth ministry at Christ the King, and making it their mission to draw teens into a deeper relationship with Christ. Every day of the week, there’s at least one Core Member interceding for the teens in a powerful way – fasting, Masses, Rosaries, Holy Hours, and more. Core Members sacrifice their time and energy to help lead the teens of Christ the King closer to Jesus, model joy-filled, virtuous Christian life, and be a resource for your teens. See the 2019-2020 lineup by clicking here.

To apply to be a Core team member, or to find out more, contact John Hoving at


Steubenville Retreat 2020: CANCELLED

Steubenville has cancelled all thier retreats for this summer.


The links below are for all Middle and High School parents to read:

If your teen has a smartphone or has been around others who do, they have very likely been exposed to pornographic images. The average age of children being exposed is now 7 years old. We need to remain vigilant and work together to help our children and teens grow into virtuous adults.  Too much freedom, as well as too little freedom, can hinder their maturity. Don’t avoid the issue or simply hope for the best.  Research the best practices out there and never give up! Below you can find a in depth site with many articles on this issue.

Articles on Teen Technology Use

Vaping has been increasingly popular among the youth in this culture. These THC or nicotine laden products are targeted towards children and teens with fun flavors that you inhale. Unfortunately the side effects are most often not known, downplayed or ignored by well-meaning parents, guardians, teachers, and other role models.

Scientific Study Concerns of Vaping

Dangers of the Teen Vaping Trend