“Catchy Title”

You notice there is, unfortunately, no catchy title on this article. Perhaps if I had Bishop Boyea’s flare for such things there would be. When he was a deacon, he wrote a regular bulletin article that he titled “the Deacon’s Beacon.” After ordination to the priesthood, he renamed it “Earl’s Pearls.” I thought of a couple but somehow “Ed’s Meds” just didn’t cut it. So, in any event, the Leadership Team thought it would be helpful for the bulletin to include a regular column from the pastor, and I heartily agreed. Those of you who have been part of the parish for a long time may remember the regular columns I used to write: the Pastor’s Corner, the Liturgical Corner, etc. So it is time to resurrect that, or, more in keeping with the theology of this Season, to bring it to birth. There is much to share, as the Lord Jesus has been abundantly blessing us as a Parish!

Many of our parishioners participated in the recent Diocesan Assembly, which was a great gift of the Holy Spirit to our Diocese. The focus on returning to the practice of the Faith those who have left it is one that is very personal for us, as so many of our families have members that used to be Catholic and no longer practice their Faith. The sad reality is that many of our own kids are in that position. How we can pray for them and by our actions gently encourage their return to the practice of the Faith was a key focus for the Assembly and will continue to be a focus for our actions as a parish as well.

Due to the amazing generosity of the people of Christ the King, we were able to announce recently that we had paid off our Diocesan debt. The magnitude of that is made more concrete when you consider the fact that back in the day when we were considering building a Church and the Diocese sent a team to analyze our books and our giving patterns, they concluded that we might be able to raise $1.2 million or so. The fact that we just concluded paying off principal of $6.3 million dollars and that a project that cost a total of in the neighborhood of $10.3 million has now been fully paid off is truly an astonishing achievement! We hope to have some type of parish celebration soon to give that accomplishment more of the formal recognition that you deserve!

The participation of many of our key parish leaders in the Amazing Parish Conference, our strategic planning session weekend, and the subsequent formation of our parish Leadership Team is also a very important development worth sharing about. This new approach to parish leadership, currently being adopted by many parishes across the country, and not only permitted but warmly encouraged by Bishop Boyea, will continue to be a great asset for us as Christ the King, as we continue to open ourselves more and more to the transforming grace the Lord Jesus has for us, both individually, as families, and as a parish. This grace, poured out on us in a special way during this wonderful Year of Mercy, will continue to be poured out as we approach the great celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal! This will truly be a great blessing for us, especially given our special charism as a charismatic parish. There is much to share, and so much to be thankful for! Even so, come Lord Jesus! — Fr. Ed