Advent – Alive with the Power of the Holy Spirit

As we continue our Advent journey, we come across the great St. John the Baptist. We are reminded of the joy of this season when we recall the great joy that marked his first encounter with the Lord Jesus, how his mother recounts how the baby in her womb literally leaps for joy in the … Read more

Discipleship – What’s the Plan?

What does it mean for us to be disciples of the Lord Jesus? This is the most important question in our lives. We see a great variety in the lifestyles and choices of those who are followers of the Lord Jesus; choices that are often incompatible with the choices made by others who also consider … Read more

Advent – Deeper Union with the Lord Jesus

As we continue in our Advent journey, we hear St. John the Baptist proclaim in the readings for the Second Sunday of Advent: prepare for the Kingdom! Many prophets of old had similar proclamations, but then St. John the Baptist, as the precursor of the Lord, the one who was to prepare His way, takes it to the … Read more