Advent – Deeper Union with the Lord Jesus

As we continue in our Advent journey, we hear St. John the Baptist proclaim in the readings for the Second Sunday of Advent: prepare for the Kingdom! Many prophets of old had similar proclamations, but then St. John the Baptist, as the precursor of the Lord, the one who was to prepare His way, takes it to the … Read more

Welcome to Advent!

Greetings in Jesus during this joyful season! As I mentioned in the homilies last weekend, the Season of Advent is given to us by the Church as a time of joyful preparation—preparation for a very specific purpose: deeper union with the Lord Jesus Himself. As the Jews longed for the coming of the Messiah, so we … Read more

“Catchy Title”

You notice there is, unfortunately, no catchy title on this article. Perhaps if I had Bishop Boyea’s flare for such things there would be. When he was a deacon, he wrote a regular bulletin article that he titled “the Deacon’s Beacon.” After ordination to the priesthood, he renamed it “Earl’s Pearls.” I thought of a couple but somehow … Read more