Join the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan This Summer!

Join us this summer as we learn about Life in the Promised Land: Kings, Crisis, and Restoration

The Summer Session starts on Thursday, June 11, and goes until August 6th.  All classes are recorded, so if you miss a class for some reason, you can easily catch up.   Additionally, you do not need to have attended any other sessions in order to attend this one.

Wondering why you should sign up?

“I would urge others to join because it is so good!  As a small group you get to share with others about your heart, because God speaks to each one of us personally from the heart.  The lectures help us to dig deeper into the Scriptures and what God is speaking to us.  They helped me to know more deeply His love, and His will for my life.”  –Patti Cousino

You can register at

Registration deadline is May 28th, so sign up soon!  Cost is $75 for parishioners, and $100 for non-parishioners.  If you need a scholarship, please contact Aimee Godfrey (