Catholic Worldview

Catholic Worldview: Lord, that we might seeAs a parish, Christ the King has embarked on a mission to understand more fully what may be called “the Catholic worldview.” We continue in this mission of a more thorough understanding of Jesus Christ’s view of the world from the cross. That is the Biblical and Catholic worldview.

What is a Catholic Worldview?

To quote Pope John Paul II, the Catholic worldview is a way of understanding reality in light of “the total truth about God, man and the world.” (cited in E. Echevarria, The Apostolate of College Campus Ministry—John Paul II’s contribution )

A worldview influences how we look at everything in life, and how we think and act in all circumstances, though we may not even be aware of having a “worldview.” Only one worldview is correct, that is, true to the way things are, and that is the worldview based on the Catholic faith


The CWV is the view of the world that has been given to us by the Church of Jesus Christ. We did not come up with it; it is given us by God, revealed to us. In particular, the Catholic worldview has its foundation in the Biblical worldview—the world through the lens of divine revelation.


One could spend a whole year (and we hope to!) pondering all the aspects of the CWV. A few of these aspects include: a view of creation as “sacramental”—having an underlying meaning; the understanding of the Church as a Mystical Body; the necessity of a “liturgical” life—a life that is lived according to sacred time; the integration of all components of life—family, work, prayer, leisure, politics, etc.; the dignity of the human person, and many more.


Why do we need teachings about the Catholic Worldview? Don’t we have one already?

  1. Most of us have a worldview that is informed by many things other than our Catholic faith. For example, by secularism, by a culture that is profoundly un-Christian and even anti-Christian.
  2. We need a CWV if we are to live out the call Jesus made to us and become who God created us to be, to be truly human. In particular, this call embraces our personal vocation and our mission in and for the world. We can’t transform the culture if we’ve taken in its distortions
  3. (corollary of 2) For many of us, there has been an obscuring of the fullness of the truth that is Christ. Unless we come receive all that has been given us through the Church, we cannot be powerful witnesses in the world. There is no doctrine revealed that is not meant to come forth and be part of the Gospel message. We have a duty to live it all and talk about it all.
  4. If we received any religious formation (CCD, RCIA, adult education, even homilies) in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, we have almost certainly received catechesis that was weak, and faulty.


Just let me know what I should do?

It is usual to want to go immediately to the action stage. Yet right action is built on right understanding and right worship. The truths of Catholicism need to fully penetrate us first, in order to bring about the renewing of our minds and the strengthening of our persons. Renewed and strengthened, united in mind and spirit, we will be prepared and inspired to act in new ways

There will be many opportunities to acquire a CWV in its fullness. Talks, yes, but also films, art, music, reading and discussion, and practical activities to do with the family at home. Please join your brothers and sisters at Christ the King parish in this sacred adventure!

Resources for Catholic Worldview

There are many great articles and other resources that deal with the issues of Catholic Worldview. Here are just a few to get you started:

1. Ralph Martin’s talk “The Attack on Religious Liberty and the Catholic Church: The Spiritual Dynamics and Our Role.” Read the Transcript or listen to the recording.

2. Novo Millennio Ineunte, Apostolic Letter by Pope John Paul II. Mentioned in Jack Lynch’s testimony on March 7th, 2012 during the Parish Mission.

3. Thoughts on Catholic Worldview by a life-long member of Christ the King, married and in his mid-twenties.

4. Porta Fidea by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI which discusses the upcoming Year of Faith that took place beginning in October 2012.

5. Dominus Iesus. A Declaration of the Congregation of the Faith “On the Unicity and Salvific Universality of Jesus Christ and the Church”

6. “Crucifixion” painting by Giovanni Bellini

7. “Crucifixion” painting by Jacopo Tintoretto

8. “Ravensburg Madonna of Mercy” sculpture by Michael Erhart

9. Prophecy from the Parish Mission – a prophecy given by a parishioner during the CTK Parish Mission March 6-9th, 2012.

10. Father Meconi June 3rd, 2012 – click to listen to Father Meconi’s talk on “The Eucharistic Life or on The Mystical Body and click to access the handout for the Eucharistic Life or handout for the Mystical Body.