Catechist Formation: Methodology

In this 14-hour course, you will learn how to teach using “God’s Pedagogy,” which is the only way to effectively teach the Faith. You will also learn best practices for teaching different age groups, how to manage student behavior, what steps you need to take in order to plan, and how to use the Catechism. After completing this course, you will have a teacher’s permit in the Diocese of Lansing, but not full certification.

You will need to pick up a binder of the written material from the parish office before listening. Contact Lauren Sauter,, to arrange to get the binder for Series 1 and for more information on other requirements in order to be certified. Anyone is welcome to listen to the course for their own benefit, but you must contact Lauren and follow the other requirements in order to be certified.

Makeup Sessions & Handouts

Makeup Sessions To make up any classes missed, follow the links below to listen to them online:

Introduction to the Course Book

1. The Apostolic Vocation of the Catechist: To Be a Missionary
2. Handing the Faith: Eliciting a Faith Response
3. Organizing the Message: Using the Pedagogy of God
4. Handling the Message: Catechizing from Scripture and the Liturgy
5. Catechizing from Music & Art and Managing Student Behavior
6. Unlocking the Catechism of the Catholic Church
7. Facilitating Conscience Development and a Strong Moral Life Part 1 and Part 2