First Penance & Eucharist (Grade 2)

In order to have proximate preparation for First Penance and First Eucharist, the child must have reached the age of conscious discretion (the freedom and knowledge to commit sin), which is usually around the time they are in Second Grade. Please register your child for these first sacraments if you intend them to receive them at Christ the King – even if they attend Catholic school. CTK offers weekly preparation for First Penance and Eucharist at the Parish Center on Wednesdays during the school year.

A baptismal certificate is required for these first sacraments. Please be sure to submit those to the Religious Education office in the Parish Center at or before the first day of class. A $20 registration fee is required for those children who are preparing in Catholic schools.

All children attending public schools or those who are in home study are expected to be participating in religious education at CTK for these sacraments.

First Eucharist is on May 5th, 2019 during the 11:00 AM Mass.

First Penance & Eucharist classes will include:

  • Several visits to the Blessed Sacrament
  • Who is Jesus
  • The great love that Christ has for all of us and for the world
  • The reality of sin (everyone has a “sin problem”) and the great gifts He has given us to take care of that problem
  • A sense of the Church and especially the priest “in the person of Christ”
  • The Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist
  • Frequent quiet prayer in the classroom
  • The Mass
  • All things “sacred”
  • A tour to the sacristy
  • Visits to the class by our Pastor, Fr. Ed Fride

The children will practice reverence in everything regarding God: the Sign of the Cross, genuflection toward the tabernacle, how to treat God’s Holy Word, the dignity of all people, God’s name, parents, and God’s house. There will be musicians coming to teach and sing with the children very frequently. Of course, there will be art projects; the Incarnation will be addressed frequently; and Lent will be the most proximate preparation for the Eucharist. A sense of our parish, Christ the King, will be a primary experience for our candidates for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist.


2018-19 Schedule for First Penance & Eucharist

2nd Grade Schedule 2018-19


1st Penance & Eucharist Contact Information

Please pray for the team members and the people they serve.

Susan Perrier, Assistant Director of Youth Discipleship, 734-929-0981

Lauren Sauter, Administrative Assistant for Youth Discipleship

Lindsey Cousino, Afternoon First Penance & Eucharist Catechist

Pat Mierendorf, Afternoon First Penance & Eucharist Catechist

Amy Kopacz, Evening First Penance & Eucharist Catechist 

Second Grade Catechists

Lindsey Cousino, First Penance & Eucharist Catechist

Lindsey Cousino and her husband, Donal, were born and raised in the parish of Christ the King. Ever since the days of the collapsible altar, Lindsey has always loved volunteering at the church. She is thrilled to be in her tenth year of teaching 1st Communion/1st Penance. She can’t think of anything more rewarding than teaching children about God’s loving plan for their lives.

Amy Kopacz, First Penance & Eucharist Catechist

Amy Kopacz is married to Joe and lives in Milan with their seven children. Amy has been home-schooling for 16 years and enjoys seeing the “aha” moments on a child’s face when the concept finally makes sense.

Amy and Joe are reverts to the faith. The year 2011-12 brought her family 13 sacraments as everyone got caught up! It was a wonderful year of grace and hard work. Amy is so excited to be teaching second grade as Jesus’ real presence in the Eucharist was the key to her return to the Church. Having a degree in education, Amy is familiar with the classroom setting, but passing on the faith and truths of God is a special endeavor. It is eternal. She is honored to be able to work with the children and their parents to prepare them for their first Penance and Eucharist.

Fun things – Amy grew up in New York state, was an army officer, loves dogs, sewing costumes, dressing up, baking cookies, history books, dancing with her husband, well written essays, snuggling wiggly children and mowing the lawn.

Pat Mierendorf, First Penance & Eucharist Catechist

Pat Mierendorf and her husband, Don have been married 42 years and have been blessed with seven children and 12 wonderful grandchildren. They have been members of Christ the King since its inception. Pat has taught 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade religious ed at CTK and has been a leader for Liturgy of the Word for Children for many years. Pat taught preschool for over 30 years, and retired from Huron Valley Catholic School in June of 2017. She particularly counts it a privilege to teach 2nd grade religious ed and partner with parents in preparing their children for the Sacraments of Penance and First Holy Communion.