Fourth Grade

In the fourth grade, the first half of the year will be focusing on the Old Testament and how it points to Jesus. Each child will have their own Bible and the class will frequently delve into Scripture – especially in the first half of the year. The second half of the year will be centered on the Mass, the Church and Mary. Parents can be involved in the class by reading the chapters from the book each week with their children to reinforce the lessons learned that week.

The fourth grade will be emphasizing the importance and power of the Holy Name of Jesus. They will be learning how to have reverence for the Holy Name and will be using the insignia of the Holy Name throughout the year.

They will also be focusing on missions and missionaries in the Church. Every week, they will be praying one decade of the Mission Rosary. The Mission Rosary is a special rosary that focuses on a different continent or area of the world and its missions. When they pray for a particular area, they will be putting up the names of missionaries that work there on their world map. If you know of any missionaries, please send in the information with your child so the class can include them in their prayers.


2018-19 Fourth Grade Schedule

4th Grade Schedule 2018-19


Fourth Grade Contact Information

Please pray for the team members and the people they serve.

Susan Perrier,  Assistant Director of Youth Discipleship, 734-929-0981

Lauren Sauter, Administrative Assistant for Youth Discipleship

Suzanne Taylor, Afternoon Fourth Grade Catechist

Sally Kresta, Evening Fourth Grade Catechist


Fourth Grade Catechists

Suzanne Taylor, Afternoon Fourth Grade Catechist

Suzanne and her husband Dan have been a part of CTK since the Fall of 1982. They are the parents of seven children. This year is Suzanne’s fourteenth year as a catechist. Suzanne’s career as a Catechist began when her oldest daughter, Rebecca nudged her at a Mass at CTK fourteen years ago when they announced that they needed a fourth grade catechist. She wanted to do it together. Suzanne is so thankful for Rebecca’s nudge and their saying “yes” to doing it that year. The next year, Huron Valley School became Huron Valley Catholic School and they asked Suzanne if she would teach the fifth grade religious education class there five days a week. She taught that class for four years and enjoyed it very much. Suzanne took a year off of teaching last year and is now back, but teaching fourth grade instead of fifth! Suzanne has this to say about being the fourth grade catechist this year: “I sincerely enjoy spending time with the children. I enjoy sharing my faith with them and hearing their experiences in their faith. We are discovering the truths of our Catholic faith and relationship with God together.”

Sally Kresta, Evening Fourth Grade Catechist

Sally Kresta and her husband, Al, have been members of CTK for 16 years and are grateful to have been raising their 5 children, ages 33 to 13 among the families of this great parish. Sally has homeschooled all of her children to some extent and is now homeschooling her youngest. Many years ago Sally taught a special-ed classroom in Detroit. She has also taught natural science at the third and fourth grade level at local homeschool co-ops for several years and really enjoys this age group.

Sally started attending Barbara’s catechetics sessions six years ago in order to better teach her son, David. She was so inspired that she inquired if CTK needed any catechists. It turned out CTK needed someone for fourth grade. After some prayer and discussion, she took it as a call from God. Sally has this to say about being a Catechist at CTK: “Working with Barbara is very exciting. I count it a privilege to be ‘in training’ under her gifts.”