Third Grade

Christ the King’s third grade program is undergoing revision this year to provide the children with a more robust introduction to the Bible that will continue into fourth grade. They will also continue to develop their understanding of the sacraments they received last year. Please encourage your children to make a good Confession again this year. They will practice receiving the Eucharist and revisit the real presence in the Blessed Sacrament. Parents should reinforce what students learn in class by taking them to Confession and Communion regularly.

Throughout the year there will be a focus on the liturgy. The third grade class will be involved in planning and preparing to have a class Mass. The students will participate as much as possible in preparing the Mass. They will choose music, some will do readings, others will help serve, and others will help the sacristan. They will take an active role throughout the liturgy.

The text for third grade this year is the Faith and Life Series for Grade 3: Our Life with Jesus. Each child has a book to keep at home and read with their parents. Every week, the third grade catechists will send out an E-mail to all the parents with a recap of what happened in class that week and what (if anything) they need to do to prepare for the next class.


2018-19 Third Grade Schedule

3rd Grade Schedule 2018-19


Third Grade Contact Information

Please pray for the team members and the people they serve.

Susan Perrier,  Assistant Director of Youth Discipleship, 734-929-0981

Lauren Sauter, Administrative Assistant for Youth Discipleship

Kathleen Millard, Afternoon Third Grade Catechist

Carol Slomiany, Evening Third Grade Catechist


Third Grade Catechists

Kathleen Millard, Afternoon Third Grade Catechist

Kat and her husband John reside in Ypsilanti with their four children and have been members of Christ the King for a handful of years. She graduated from the Franciscan University of Steubenville with a degree in math, science, and reading for middle childhood. It was there she realized her joy being in a classroom, and teaching geared towards different learning styles.
Kat believes God has shown his favor to her in the form of coffee, good literature, the Denver Broncos winning the 2016 Super Bowl, monasticism, sour apple laffy taffy, gum, Chinese food, and all things organization.  She is very enthusiastic to be teaching 3rd grade again and is especially passionate about helping children realize God’s invitation to know him more intimately through the sacraments and Sacred Scripture.

Carol Slomiany, Afternoon Third Grade Catechist

Carol Slomiany and her husband, Wayne, have been married for 35 years and have five children, who attended Huron Valley Catholic School and Fr. Gabriel Richard High School. They have been members of Christ the King for 34 years. Carol has taught 2nd and 4th grade Catechism for CTK in the past, and also participated as a leader for Liturgy of the Word for Children for 12 years. Carol is also involved as a leader in Catholic Scripture Study that meets at CTK. What she enjoys most about teaching is seeing the young children get excited about God and wanting to do what is right in God’s eyes.