Daily Mass, Communion and Confession schedules

We appreciate your patience as we have continued to adjust to the ever-changing reality of living in a world with COVID-19. Below are the schedules that we’ve adopted at Christ the King for daily Mass, weekday Communion distribution outside of Mass, and Confessions–which doesn’t mean that we may not need to change them again, but this seems pretty stable for now.  🙂

The Sunday schedules for Mass sign-up and Communion distribution will continue to be handled separately.

Daily Mass:

Mondays:  6:45 am.

Tuesdays and Thursdays:  12 noon.

Wednesdays:  7:00 pm.

Fridays:  5:30 pm.

Saturdays:  No daily Mass.

Attendance is limited to 30% of the Church capacity, i.e. 300 people at Christ the King; sign-up in advance is not required for daily Mass. Face masks, social distancing, and other health-related precautions are required. If you have not yet done so, please watch this short video provided by the Diocese of Lansing which summarizes the precautions that we’re being asked to take at Mass:  https://youtu.be/FLO1lusVtWQ.

Communion distribution outside of Mass during the week:

Tuesdays and Thursdays:  A deacon or Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion will come out to distribute Communion after noon Mass and stay until 12:45 pm or until the line is finished, whichever is later. Please note:  This is a change to the previous procedure.

Communion distribution will take place either in front of the Church or in the narthex, depending on the weather. Please bring a pyx to facilitate safe distribution. Communion distribution on weekends will be announced with the Sunday Mass schedule.


Fridays: 5:00-5:30 pm

Saturdays: 9:40-11 am and 4-4:30 pm.

Sundays:  8:30-9 am and 10:30-11 am

Confessions will take place in the St. John Paul the Great Room. Please line up in the narthex at least 6 feet apart, wear a face covering, and observe other health-related precautions.