Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How did Christ the King get started?

In 1981, Catholics in the Word of God ecumenical charismatic community started meeting weekly for Mass and reception of the sacraments with the blessing of the Bishop of Lansing, Bishop Kenneth Povish. In 1986, Bishop Povish established us as a Lay Association of the Faithful and we were given the name Christ the King Catholic Association. In 1991, we began the process of becoming a personal parish of the Diocese of Lansing, a process that was completed in 1997. We rented various facilities in the area until, by God’s grace, we dedicated our current church building in June 2001.

Today, many people come to Christ the King Catholic Church with a variety of spiritual experiences. The parish continues to provide formation and pastoral care of all persons, leading them closer to God, especially God the Holy Spirit. For a more detailed history of the parish and other information, please go to

How do I arrange for an announcement to appear in the bulletin?

Please send bulletin announcements via email to or submit them in writing to the parish office. The usual deadline is noon on Monday for the bulletin to be published that weekend; occasional early deadlines due to holidays will be announced in the bulletin.

All brochures, posters, petitions, etc., must first be approved by Fr. Ed before they can be posted or placed at the entrances to the Church. Please send the material to by Monday noon. For more information, contact Liturgical Coordinator Peter Vanicelli (

How do I request a room for a meeting or other activity?

Please submit a room request form to Room request forms are available on the Resources page. Please do not advertise your event until you have received confirmation that the space you have requested is available. For more information, contact Sharon Messiter at

How do I get a prayer request to the parish prayer chain?

Please send an email to

How do I arrange for a relative who died to be mentioned in the Universal Prayers (Prayers of the Faithful) at Sunday Mass?

In the event of the death of a loved one, we want to pray for the deceased at Sunday Masses and announce the death in the bulletin.  The normal way to inform the parish is to call the main office (734-665-5040) and leave the following information:

  • Name of the caller
  • Name of the deceased
  • Relationship of the deceased to the caller
  • Correct pronunciation of the name
  • Immediate relation to be included in the petition; e.g. Father of Joe Smith, or Sister of Ann Jones

When a death occurs at a time when normal communication channels will not allow the parish office to process the information in a timely way, (e.g., after business hours on Friday) and you would like the deceased included in the Universal Prayer that weekend, please email Fr. Ed ( and Peter Vanicelli ( as soon as possible before the weekend Mass you are attending.

How do I arrange to have a Mass said for a particular intention?

Please call the Parish Office at 734-665-5040 and press 0 to speak with someone at the front desk about scheduling the Mass.

How do I arrange to have my child baptized?

Baptisms of infants and young children are primarily scheduled on the second Sunday of each month (except in May) at 12:45 p.m. To learn more about what is required to schedule the Baptism of an infant or young child, please go to the Baptism page. For information about the Sacrament of Baptism for older children, teens, and adults, please go to our RCIA page.

How do I schedule a wedding?

Engaged couples who are planning to get married through Christ the King must contact Deacon Pete Hansen at for an appointment. Please note that no date can be set for the wedding until that initial meeting. The bride, groom, or one of their parents must be a member of Christ the King.

How do I arrange to receive the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick?

Please contact Fr. Ed (734-665-5040 or to arrange a time for the anointing or ask to receive the Sacrament after Mass.

How do I arrange to have Communion brought to me or a homebound family member?

Please call the Parish Office at 734-665-5040 and press 0 to speak with someone at the front desk, who will put you in contact with the appropriate person.

How do I arrange to have my home blessed?

Please contact Dcn. Larry ( or Dcn. Pete ( to arrange for a time.

How can I find a spiritual director?

Several of our parishioners are trained spiritual directors. Please call the Parish Office, 734-665-5040 ext. 0, for more information.

How can I find someone to talk with about a problem I am struggling with?

If you are dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship problems, or similar challenges, please know that you do not have to carry the burden alone. Christ the King offers two options, depending on the nature of your need:

  • Stephen Ministers are trained caregivers who listen, care, and share God’s love with individuals facing life’s challenges. Stephen Ministers are not counselors; their role is to listen, not counsel or give advice. To learn more about Stephen Ministry, go to
  • If your needs exceed what a Stephen Minister can provide, we can put you in touch with trained Christian counselors who can help. Monetary assistance is also available. All assistance is completely confidential. Please contact Fr. Ed or one of the deacons for more information.