Message regarding Fr. Pat Egan

Following up on the pulpit announcement given at the weekend Masses on March 9-10 and for those who weren’t at Christ the King that weekend, here’s an important message from Fr. Ed regarding Fr. Pat Egan:

Because Fr. Pat has continued to ask guys to work out with him, we are reprinting the following:

From the website of the Diocese of Lansing:

Rev Patrick Egan, a Senior Priest of the Archdiocese of Westminster in London, England, currently residing in Washtenaw County, Michigan, has had his priestly faculties removed due to a credible allegation of inappropriate sexual behavior with an adult male.

Priestly faculties are a set of permissions, granted by a diocesan bishop to a priest within that diocese, allowing the priest to publicly minister. Among those permissions are: presiding or concelebrating at Mass; hearing confessions; witnessing marriages; baptizing; anointing the sick and dying. Without those faculties, or permissions, a priest may not publicly minister.

If you, or anyone you know has been harmed by anyone representing the Church, contact appropriate law enforcement.  You may also contact the Diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator, Cheryl Williams-Hecksel, LMSW, by phone at 888-308-6252, or via e-mail to:

Two additional directives from the Bishop in this matter:

  1. Fr. Pat is not to engage in working out activities with anyone, period.
  2. If someone is visiting Fr. Pat, two people minimum should be part of the visit.

If Fr. Pat has contacted a member of your family in order to work out, please contact Fr. Ed at once (734-665-0609 or