Holy Week Mission for Kids

We miss all of you in our religious education classes and all of you who would have attended the Parish Mission! To help support you in entering into Holy Week and Easter during this time when we cannot gather together as we normally would, Susan Perrier created a novena of prayers, meditations, and activities for you and your family to do at home. It begins this Saturday, April 4th and ends on Easter Sunday. If you have questions, contact Susan at sperrier@ctkcc.net.

Day 1: Saturday, April 4th

Day 2: Sunday, April 5th, Palm Sunday

Day 3: Monday, April 6th

Day 4: Tuesday, April 7th

Day 5: Wednesday, April 8th

Day 6: Thursday, April 9th, Holy Thursday

Day 7: Friday, April 10th, Good Friday

Day 8: Saturday, April 11th, Holy Saturday

Day 9: Sunday, April 12th, Easter Sunday