Mass and Communion distribution schedule for May 24-31

The schedule for Masses and Communion distribution outside of Mass for the week of May 24-31 is below. We will be celebrating Mass according to the following guidelines.

Note: The Diocese of Lansing just released final liturgical guidelines on May 27; we will report on those guidelines after we’ve had a chance to review them.

1.    In keeping with Bishop Boyea’s instructions, attendance will be limited to 5% of our church capacity through May 29; i.e., no more than 50 people may attend each Mass. Beginning Pentecost weekend, May 30-31, attendance will be increased to 25% of our church capacity; i.e., no more than 250 people may attend each Mass.

2.    To maintain this limit, every person will have to sign up ahead of time to attend a Mass. See the links at the end of this post to sign up for a Mass time. Additionally, in keeping with the bishop’s instructions, you will be permitted to sign up for Mass only if you are a registered parishioner at Christ the King.

3.    In order to allow as many of our parishioners as possible to attend Mass, please sign up for only one daily Mass per week. We originally asked those who were able to attend a daily Mass the week of May 18-22 to not sign up for a daily Mass the week of May 25-29. However, if you are a registered parishioner who attended Mass last week and there are still spots available two hours before Mass begins on May 28 or 29, you are welcome to sign up for one of the two Masses. You may also sign up for one of the Pentecost weekend Masses.

4.    Please do not come to Church if you are sick.  Use good judgment if you are elderly or have an underlying medical condition.

5.    Wash hands before arriving.

6.    Bring your own hand sanitizer.  Please use it before receiving Communion.

7.    Everyone must wear a face mask for the duration of Mass. Masks will not be required for children under the age of seven, although masks are encouraged for them as well.

8.    To minimize the spread of airborne germs, there will be no congregational singing and the hymnals have been removed from all the pews.

9.    All holy water fonts will remain emptied.

10.  There will be no Sign of Peace.

11.  Precious Blood will not be distributed for Holy Communion.

12.  Restrooms are for emergency use only;  please use the bathroom before you come to the Church.

13.  Please make sure to sit at least 6 feet from people outside your own household.  Please sit in every other pew.

Important note: For those unable to attend daily Mass, we will be distributing Communion for half an hour after the end of Mass in the turnaround of the parking lot if the weather is good.  If the weather is bad, Communion will be distributed under the overhang or in the narthex.  Please bring a pyx in order to facilitate germ-free distribution. 

Low gluten hosts will be available; please contact Fr. Ed if you can only receive the Precious Blood.

Mass Schedule

Please check to be sure that you are signing up for the correct Mass and time. To help us keep the correct numbers, please enter one family member’s name per line:  for example, John Doe, Jane Doe, Bobby Doe, etc.

Thursday, May 28: 7:00pm:  daily Mass:

Friday, May 29: 9:00am:  daily Mass:

Saturday, May 30 (Pentecost Vigil):

4:30pm:  Sunday Vigil Mass (250):

7:30pm:  Sunday Vigil Mass (live-streamed) (250):

Pentecost Sunday, May 31:

FULL, NO SPOTS LEFT  10:30am: Sunday Mass (live streamed) (250):

Communion distribution schedule

Communion distribution outside of Mass will take place according to the following schedule. Please bring a pyx.

Thursday, May 28: 7:45-8:15pm
Friday, May 29:  9:45-10:15am
Saturday, May 30:  No Communion distribution outside of Mass
Sunday, May 31:  3-4pm

To download instructions for how to administer Holy Communion in the home, please click here.