Mass Restrictions During COVID-19

  1. Attendance will be limited to 30% of our church capacity; i.e., no more than 300 people may attend each Mass. Bishop Boyea has extended the dispensation for Latin Rite Catholics in the Diocese of Lansing from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation through the Solemnity of the Ascension, Sunday, May 16, 2021.
  2. There will be no music, other than instrumental music, at the Saturday 4:30 pm Mass. This will hopefully allow those who would prefer a shorter Mass or one without any risk of singing to attend a weekend Mass.
  3. For the 9 am Mass, people will be directed to the Gym if the Worship Space reaches capacity. After consulting with Bishop Boyea, those who choose to attend the 9 am Mass in the Gym will be allowed to sing with face masks on. Mass will be fed directly to the Gym. We will provide chairs in racks; please set up and take down chairs for your own household, leaving at least six feet between households. To protect the gym floor, please do not bring your own chairs. An Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion will bring Communion to those in the Gym.
  4. Sign-up in advance is required to attend the Sunday 11 am Mass. Please see the “Mass Times” page for more information.
  5. Bishop Boyea has approved Christ the King to offer a restriction-free Mass for those who have had COVID-19 or who have been vaccinated. The new Mass time is Sunday at 1:00 pm. Please address questions to Liturgical Coordinator Peter Vanicelli (
  6. Please do not come to Mass if you are sick. Use good judgment if you are elderly or have an underlying medical condition. For more information, please click here.

For more information about health-related practices when attending Mass at Christ the King, please click here.

For those unable to attend Mass on-site

  1. We will be live-streaming the 9 am Sunday Mass on our YouTube channel.
  2. Beginning Divine Mercy Sunday, April 11, we will distribute Communion on Sundays from the end of Mass (around 12:15) until 12:30 pm. If the weather is good, Communion will be distributed in the turnaround outside the front of the Church. If the weather is bad, Communion will be distributed under the overhang or in the narthex. Please bring a pyx in order to facilitate germ-free distribution. Low gluten hosts will be available; please contact Fr. Ed ( or 734-665-0609) if you can only receive the Precious Blood. Note: Communion is also distributed after the Tuesday and Thursday noon Masses from 12:30 to 12:45 pm.
  3. To download instructions for how to administer Holy Communion in the home, please click here.

When signing up for Mass on-site

  1. Please check to be sure that you are signing up for the correct Mass and time.
  2. Just indicate the number of family members attending on the form. Please do not sign up each family member individually.
  3. If for some reason you need to cancel your reservation after signing up, please click the link below for the Mass you had signed up for; enter your name and email address; under “How many will attend?” select “Not attending”; and click the “Sign me up” button.


Please contact Peter Vanicelli.