Video Library

Welcome to our video library! It is currently modest, but we hope that it will grow soon. Please check out some of the offerings below:

Christ the King YouTube Channel

Beginning March 2020, Christ the King started a YouTube channel. There you can find videos of Sunday Masses, Upper Room, A 1:8 worship, and other events, as well as playlists of some of the music that we’re using. We hope at some point to move some of our earlier videos currently in other locations to this channel.

To go to our YouTube channel, please click here.

Christ the King Facebook Page

We have a few videos on our Facebook page, but due to technical difficulties, we’re focusing on posting to our YouTube channel. However, we have lots of other good stuff on our Facebook page, so it’s well worth checking out!

To go to our Facebook page, please click here: (Be sure you get Christ the King Ann Arbor. There are lots of Christ the King churches out there!)

Christ the King Life Teen YouTube Channel

This is an older channel established by a former Christ the King youth minister. Videos for our current teen program, A 1:8, are posted under our CTK YouTube channel listed above.

To go to the old CTK Life Teen YouTube channel, please click here: