Couples Ministries

The Couples Ministry at Christ the King includes a variety of programs intended to bring the couple into an understanding of the sacramentality of their very intimate marriage relationship. That relationship is viewed through more than one lens: the physical, the emotional/psychological, and the spiritual. Several of the programs on this page are suited to the engaged as well as the married.

The ministries, programs, and resources listed here are offered at various times throughout the year at Christ the King or in neighboring parishes. Use the contact information below when seeking further information, current schedules, or to become part of the team.

  • Couple Prayer 6-session series. You and your spouse or fiancé(e) can become even closer and be more in love than ever by learning how to pray intimately and openly with one another in ways guaranteed to be safe, comfortable, and wonderfully uplifting for you both.   See
  • Holy Hour for Marriage and Family, third Monday of every month, 7:00-8:00 pm in the Worship Space. Sponsored by the Marriage and Family Commission. Contact: Nuala Holowicki,
  • Living a Joy-Filled Marriage 6-session virtue-based series of life-skills for engaged and married couples that springs from the teachings of Pope St. John Paul II, calling couples to seek their identity and mission in Christ and set patterns of thought and behavior that will ensure a lifelong, joy-filled marriage. Contacts: Dick and Stephanie Giba, 734-747-7415,
  • Living in Love Whether engaged or married 4 months or 40+ years, there’s a Living in Love program to offer you keen insight into masculinity and femininity and a liberating perspective about the Sacrament of Matrimony. Contacts: Dick and Stephanie Giba, 734-747-7415,
    • Every Day In Love 4-session workshop series, Smart Loving, Talking with Purpose, The Passionate Couple, and Living the Dream, that equips and empowers married couples to rediscover the joy of being passionately in love amid the stresses of everyday life. Contacts: Dick and Stephanie Giba, 734-747-7415,
    • Living in Love Retreat/Workshop A life-changing 2-day day parish-based retreat workshop for the already-married couple, designed to energize the romance and renew the joy of being in love. See for a schedule of upcoming weekends.
    • Living in Love Every Day An 8-session follow-up series open to already-married couples who have attended a Living In Love Retreat/Workshop weekend. Packed with insights, strategies, and skills that can equip a married couple to live in love every day, and motivate them to let their intimate love overflow as a benevolent, creative love to all the world. Contacts: Dick and Stephanie Giba, 734-747-7415,
    • Preparing to Live in Love A 7-session marriage preparation program for the engaged couple, facilitated by a specially trained married couple from the parish. The program provides an understanding of interpersonal relationship at the most intimate level and the tools necessary to nurture that relationship through all the changing circumstances of married life. Interested engaged couples should contact Deacon Lou ( or speak directly to your assigned mentor couple.
  • Natural Family Planning / Couple to Couple League The human body “speaks” the language of love in a unique way within the sexual powers.  Natural Family Planning (NFP) is about learning to read this language through fertility awareness and building better marriages through its virtuous application.  To learn more, please go to
  • Once-a-Month Couples Group This small group for married couples meets the 4th weekend of every month on Friday (with a duplicate meeting on Sunday afternoon for those unable to attend on Friday). The current (2018) series, Strengths-Based Marriage, explores how our individual strengths (based on the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment tool) fit into the Catholic understanding of marriage and can contribute to the overall success of our marriage. Contacts: Dick and Stephanie Giba, 734-747-7415,
  • Rachel’s Vineyard Abortion destroys lives–the child, the mother, the father–and can be a fatal blow to a marriage either when an abortion happens to a couple or when a spouse brings that past into the marriage. Ann Arbor Rachel’s Vineyard is a post-abortive healing ministry. The unconditional love, forgiveness, and healing of our Lord are there for all who seek Him.  For more information, to register, or talk, contact Beth at (734) 879-0427 or
  • Retrouvaille of Lansing Retrouvaille means to “rediscover.”  For more information, to register for an upcoming weekend, or to talk, contact Larry and Beth Bauer, (734) 879-0427 or
  • Worldwide Marriage Encounter All marriages need attention, effort, and nurturing. An enrichment weekend getaway that helps married couples rediscover themselves as individuals and as couples. It is a God-centered format that helps them communicate openly and honestly, without any group sharing, therapy, or marriage counseling. Contact Len and Marlene Chockley (Marlene: 734-730-0795, or Len: 734-834-2067,

Other Resources

  • The Shepherd’s Voice (Sep 6, 2013) — Archbishop Joseph Naumann (Kansas City, KS) interviews Ron and Kathy Feher, developers of the Living in Love program regarding the importance of intimacy in marriage.

Engaged Couples seeking to be married at Christ the King should consult the Matrimony Web page under Sacramental Life for a list of the diocesan requirements and other programs intended to prepare a couple for the Sacrament of Matrimony within the Catholic Church.