Other Liturgy-Related Ministries

In addition to our Music Ministry, we rely on our parishioners to fill a wide variety of liturgical ministries that aid in our celebrations. Training provided. If you are interested in serving in any of the following ministries, please contact Mark Zielman at mzielman@ctkcc.net.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion – Distribute Communion during Masses (weekday and weekend), take Communion to the sick and homebound.

Readers – Weekday and weekend Masses.

Sacristans – One time per month, Holy days and/or weekday Masses. Prepare sanctuary and sacristy for Mass.

Altar Servers – Assist at Mass. Youth servers must be 10 years old to serve on Sundays; can be younger to serve during the weekdays. Adult servers must be high school and older.

Ushers – One time per month, assist with Communion, collection, other tasks as assigned.


Media Ministry

Provides media support for weekend and Holy Day liturgies, prayer meetings, Upper Room, weddings, funerals, Parish Missions, and other parish events. To serve in any of the following ministries, please contact Doug Helderop (734-272-6925 or dehelderop@comcast.net).

Sound ministry – Support live sound at parish events.

Video ministry – Video, audio and graphics support for live and post-production.

Web ministry – Support occasional live webcasts and maintain online video library.


Other  Ministries

In addition to the ministries that are part of our Sunday Liturgies, other ministries aid in our worship and sacramental life. If you are interested in serving in any of the following ministries, please contact the person indicated below.

Flowers – Maintaining flowers and plants in the Worship Space and Adoration Chapel. Some creating of flower arrangements. Contact Martina Elpi (senippah@hotmail.com)

Liturgical Art Committee – Aid in the design and creation of paraments and other works of art to beautify our Worship Space. Contact Claudia Burns (claudiaburns52@gmail.com).

Wedding Coordinators – Serve as liturgical coordinator for weddings, as scheduled. Includes leading the wedding rehearsal, as well as assisting on the day of the wedding. Contact Mark Zielman (mzielman@ctkcc.net).

Funeral Coordinator’s Assistant – Assist the liturgical coordinator for funerals. Requires availability on short notice. Contact Mark Zielman (mzielman@ctkcc.net). (Assistance is also needed with funeral luncheons; see the Hospitality Ministry for more information.)