Introduction to Stewardship

What is STEWARDSHIP anyway? Christian stewardship is the recognition that all we have – our relationships, our talents, our resources, our entire lives – have been given to us by our loving Father. It is our responsibility, and our delight as His children, to administer those gifts according to His will and for His glory. This page provides some resources that will hopefully help you come to a greater understanding of the integral role that stewardship is meant to play in our lives, as well as some practical resources.

For a quick introduction to stewardship and how it ties into our parish mission, start with our brochure Stewardship at Christ the King Catholic Church.

Homilies on Stewardship

We are blessed with wonderful homilists at Christ the King who have a God-given ability to highlight and explain for us the key truths of Scripture. Here is a selection of texts of homilies that our clergy have given on the topic of stewardship:

“Theology of Stewardship”: Fr. Ed Fride, 1/26/2003

“Stewardship is about Conversion”: Fr. Ed Fride, 10/31/2004

“God Can Be Trusted”: Deacon Lou Russello, 11/7/2004

“Stewardship of Treasure”: Deacon Gerry Holowicki, 11/7/2004

“Jesus is Coming”: Fr. Ed Fride, 11/14/2004

Fr. Ed’s Stewardship Letters:

Supporting the Parish Financially

Other Resources on Stewardship