Revised statement regarding restoration of public Masses

On May 13, 2020, Bishop Boyea published guidelines for the restoration of public Masses. As part of those guidelines, he announced that, beginning on Monday, May 18, parishes across the Diocese of Lansing will be able to welcome a maximum of 5% of their church’s seating capacity for daily Masses, Monday to Saturday.

In addition to the private Masses that Christ the King had already started celebrating for families of First Communicants and Confirmandi, we have started providing Masses and distribution of Communion for our parishioners during the week. The Masses require that parishioners sign up in advance in order to stay within 5% of our church’s seating capacity (i.e., 50). For more information, including guidelines for attending Mass and receiving Communion and links to the sign-up sheets, please click here.

From Friday, May 29, public Masses are due to return to the Diocese of Lansing with the number of those able to attend Holy Mass increasing from 5% to a maximum of 25% of a church’s seating capacity. As our plans for those Masses finalize, we will make them available.

You may read the Diocese’s complete guidelines by clicking here.