While the liturgy is “the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed” and “the font from which all her power flows,” 3 it is not possible for us to fill up all of our day with participation in the liturgy. The Council pointed out that the spiritual life “is not limited solely to participation in the liturgy. . . . according to the teaching of the apostle, [the Christian] must pray without ceasing.” 4 Popular devotional practices play a crucial role in helping to foster this ceaseless prayer. The faithful have always used a variety of practices as a means of permeating everyday life with prayer to God. Examples include pilgrimages, novenas, processions and celebrations in honor of Mary and the other saints, the rosary, the Angelus, the Stations of the Cross, the veneration of relics, and the use of sacramentals. Properly used, popular devotional practices do not replace the liturgical life of the Church; rather, they extend it into daily life. 5 (From Popular Devotional Practices: Basic Questions and Answers. Issued by USCCB. Click link to be taken to web page.) 3 Sacrosanctum Concilium, no. 10. 4 Sacrosanctum Concilium, no. 12. See 1 Thes 5:17. 5 Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2nd ed. (Washington, DC: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops-Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2000), no. 1675.


Devotional Practices at CTK

Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration – Thanks to the commitment and devotion of many parishioners and others in the area, we are extremely blessed to have a Chapel for Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration.  The Chapel is closed only during the Triduum and in inclement weather when it is dangerous to drive. Click here for more information.

The Angelus – Every Tuesday at noon before Mass.

First Saturday Mass & Prayer for Evangelization, 9 a.m. followed by Rosary and Benediction

First Saturday Family Rosary – First Saturday of every month join other families to pray the Rosary in front of the statue of Mary in the Church.  Please arrive at 7:15 p.m. Stay for fellowship afterwards.

Living Rosary – Saturday during October after the 9 a.m. Mass. Watch bulletin for date and details.

Stations of the Cross – Fridays during Lent.  Watch bulletin for time and details.

May Crowning – During the Month of May.  Watch bulletin for date and details.

Corpus Christi Procession – Sunday of the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, usually in June. Watch bulletin for date and details.