Couples planning on getting married through Christ the King need to contact Deacon Lou ( for an appointment. Please note that the wedding date cannot be set until that initial meeting and must take into account a one-year period of preparation. Due to the fact that we are a personal parish, we are allowed to offer the Sacrament of Matrimony only to our registered parishioners (that is, the bride, groom, or one of the parents must be a registered parishioner). Thank you for your understanding. For more information, please contact Dcn. Lou.

Marriage preparation at Christ the King follows the Guidelines set by the Diocese of Lansing and includes required as well as optional supplemental programs designed to prepare the engaged couple for the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony as celebrated within the Catholic Church.

  • FOCCUS (required, $15 fee)
    • Inventory of issues likely to impact the engaged couple once married.
    • Minimum of 3 meetings with a mentor couple trained in using the FOCCUS method of communication.
  • Preparing to Live in Love (optional, but highly recommended, $80 fee—stipends available)
    • 7-session comprehensive marriage prep program facilitated by a specially trained married couple.
    • Skills-oriented, the program provides an understanding of interpersonal relationship at the most intimate level and the tools necessary to nurture that relationship through all the changing circumstances of married life. Topics are practical and relevant.
  • Catholic Information Classes (required)
    • 5 sessions on basics of the Catholic faith.
  • We C.A.R.E. (required with FOCCUS option, $95 fee)
    • 2 sessions in a group setting, teaches various communication skills including conflict resolution and problem solving as a team.
    • Schedule and downloadable registration available on line through Catholic Social Services:
  • Natural Family Planning (required)
    • The human body “speaks” the language of love in a unique way within the sexual powers.  Natural Family Planning (NFP) is about learning to read this language through fertility awareness, and building better marriages through its virtuous application.
    • To learn more, go to

For other programs available through the Diocese of Lansing, consult the diocesan website,

Other Resources

Note that the Couples Ministries page on the Christ the King Web site includes programs intended to bring the couple into an understanding of the sacramentality of their very intimate marriage relationship. That relationship is viewed through more than one lens: the physical, the emotional/psychological, and the spiritual. Several programs listed there are suited to the engaged as well as the married.