Scheduling guidelines for non-worship-related activities

We have started scheduling non-worship-related activities at Christ the King for July and August. Room reservations for ongoing meetings during the school year will be handled separately at a future date. We will be scheduling events according to the guidelines given below. Please contact Office Manager Sharon Messiter ( or 734-929-0975) with any questions.

Please note: Due to the dynamic nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, these guidelines, and the activities scheduled under them, may need to change, possibly on short notice.

Guidelines for Scheduling Non-Worship-Related Activities at Christ the King

  • Space must be scheduled for both indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Participants in both indoor and outdoor activities who are not members of the same household must maintain at least six feet of distance between each other.
  • Indoor meetings in a closed space are limited to 10 people. If the size of the room allows, multiple groups of 10 or fewer could meet in the same space while allowing for social distancing. Total number of people in a room is not to exceed 25% of the room’s capacity.
  • Face coverings are required when participating in indoor activities.
  • For now, the gym is being used for Adoration and is not available for other activities with a very limited number of exceptions, such as funeral-related activities.
  • We will not be scheduling any indoor sport activities until the Governor has allowed the gyms in our region of the State (Region 1) to re-open.
  • Outdoor gatherings are limited to groups of 100 people.
  • Please do not come to activities at Christ the King if you are sick.  Use good judgment if you are elderly or have an underlying medical condition.