Speaking truth in love

Although the Supreme Court has decided that there is no right to abortion in the U.S. Constitution, that doesn’t mean that our work is over. Instead of being decided at the Federal level, each state will be able to make its own rules on abortion.

What does this mean? We should be ready to speak the truth in love. Here are some resources to help with that.

Pro-Life Resources

  • For tips on how to engage in dialogue persuasively, honestly, and intelligently, check out the Equal Rights Institute, equalrightsinstitute.com.
  • Feminists for Life is a group that believes women deserve better than abortion. For tips on Pro-Woman Answers to Pro-Choice Questions, check out feministsforlife.org.
  • If you’re looking to support someone who is in a crisis pregnancy, Family Life Services provides many resources for women in need. They also have many volunteer opportunities. To learn more, go to flsfriends.org.
  • Many people argue that you have to be religious in order to believe that abortion is wrong. Secular Pro-Life is an organization that has developed non-religious responses to many popular pro-choice arguments. You can find them at secularprolife.org.

For more resources or if you have additional questions, please contact Aimee Godfrey. To learn about our parish’s Pro-Life Action Committee, contact committee chair Brigid Kowalczyk.