CTK 3-2-1 Adore

WELCOME TO 3-2-1 Adore

A Catholic initiative in Ann Arbor 

Christ the King is excited to launch 3-2-1 ADORE. The goal of this initiative is to form ADORE families that are committed to adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and building community through fun gatherings, sharing a meal, and service.

With life being so busy, it can be hard to commit to a Holy Hour each week. But imagine if you had three or more other families or individuals who were committed to sharing the Holy Hour with you. Suddenly it becomes much more doable and a beautiful opportunity to say yes to Jesus’ question: “Could you not keep watch with me for one hour?” Matthew 26:40

The concept is simple:

3  Find THREE or more families or individuals to form an ADORE family.  

These ADORE families can be any group of families or individuals that desire to share a Holy Hour and build community together. These groups can include families, men, women, married couples, a mixed group, or young adults. These can be groups that already know each other or want to get to know each other. The sky’s the limit.

Who should I ask?  Are there any families or individuals at Christ the King that you desire to get to know better, attend the same Mass as you, perhaps already socialize with, or fellowship with that you can ask?  If you have been a part of a small group in a bible study, Alpha, Sent to Heal, men’s/women’s group, or another series, can you invite them to form an Adore Family? Are there any families in your child’s classes or school that you can ask?

Choose an Adore Captain to register your ADORE family.

2 Plan at least TWO “family” gatherings that could be fun, faith-filled, or service-oriented each year.

This is a time to bring your ADORE family together to share a meal, play a game, visit a shrine, or do a service project together.

“The existence of each individual is deeply tied to that of others: life is not simply time that passes; life is a time for interactions.” (Pope Francis, Brothers and Sisters to Us [Fratelli Tutti], no. 66) 

No one can experience the true beauty of life without relating to others, without having real faces to love. This is part of the mystery of authentic human existence. “Life exists where there is bonding, communion, fraternity; and life is stronger than death when it is built on true relationships and bonds of fidelity. On the contrary, there is no life when we claim to be self-sufficient and live as islands: in these attitudes, death prevails.’ [64]” (Pope Francis, Brothers and Sisters to Us [Fratelli Tutti], no. 87)

1 Choose ONE hour to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament each week.  

Your ADORE family should choose a Holy Hour that works for everyone in your family. Your ADORE family can take turns adoring the Lord each week or adore as one big “family” unit. Adoration is a time to both adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and to pray for the intentions of your ADORE family members and parish community.

Why Adoration? Eucharistic Adoration is a Catholic devotion dating back to the early days of the Church. It involves exposing a consecrated host, the Blessed Sacrament, allowing people to sit and pray in the presence of Jesus Christ. Contemplating Jesus our Savior as He is, in the Most Holy Sacrament is contemplating love itself. More importantly, there are many graces God offers to souls who spend time with Him in Eucharistic Adoration. So it is the Lord who does the work of deepening His love in us.
“The Eucharist is the sacrament of Love; it signifies Love, it produces Love”   ~St. Thomas Aquinas

What do I do during a Holy Hour?  While there are so many beautiful ways to pray during a Holy Hour, here is a great link to get you started.