A note from Fr. Ed concerning current medical issues

Note:  This note originally appeared in the Dec. 22, 2021 issue of the Mid-Week Notes. To receive the Mid-Week Notes, please go to our home page and scroll down to and complete the “Connect with Us” form.

As we approach Christmas and the weekend after, we will have lots of folks in the building during a time when the COVID surge in Michigan is still an issue for many. So, what we would continue to encourage are the following:

  1. If you have symptoms, stay home. If sick, or needing to stay home to take care of someone who is sick, you are automatically dispensed from the Sunday and/or Christmas obligation. We will be livestreaming the 4:30 Mass on Christmas Eve and the 9 am Mass on Sunday, Dec. 26. (Editor’s note:  Livestreamed Masses and other events are also available on our website for later viewing. To learn more, go to ctkcc.net/livestream.)
  2. Section 1 (next to the Statue of St. Joseph) is reserved for those who wish to mask and/or socially distance.
  3. Folks are free to mask in other parts of the Church as they feel appropriate.
  4. We realize that some folks may not feel comfortable coming to Mass with the size of the crowds we will have. If people don’t feel safe coming because of personal health challenges, etc., that is grounds for an automatic dispensation. We will also try to have Communion available after the Masses so that folks can still come by and receive, or bring Communion home to those unable to come.
  5. We will continue the COVID-related liturgical procedures currently in place, e.g., no sharing of the Precious Blood and no exchange of the Sign of Peace. (In regard to the Precious Blood, if you cannot receive the Host at all and need to receive the Precious Blood during one of the upcoming liturgies, please contact Peter Vanicelli at the parish office immediately: pvanicelli@ctkcc.net.)
  6. St. Joseph Hospital continues to ask local pastors to request parishioners to be vaccinated. Please respond to this request as you feel appropriate.
  7. We are brothers and sisters, fellow followers of the Lord Jesus. Showing charity and understanding to each other is paramount in our call from the King of Kings, regardless of medical differences of opinion! Let us all resist the temptation to let the snake drive us apart over these issues! The Prince of Peace is born, let us rejoice together!

My sincere thanks for your understanding and especially for your patience during these interesting times!

Fr. Ed