Inclement Weather Policy

Prudential Judgment should always be used by event participants. No event, including Mass, requires your attendance if you feel that weather conditions are dangerous. It is your right and responsibility to determine whether it is safe and/or wise to travel when road conditions may be hazardous. Those who choose not to travel because of unsafe conditions are dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass.

Mass will not ordinarily be canceled due to weather conditions. However, in exceptional circumstances such as extreme weather conditions, power outage, or facility problems it may be necessary to cancel Mass. In such cases, information about cancellation will be made available via the Special Announcements Line as early as possible. If a priest cannot come for a scheduled Mass, a Deacon or layperson will ordinarily lead a Communion service.

Always call 734-665-5040, option 5, Weather Cancellations Line, for cancellation or weather-related news.


If the Ann Arbor Public Schools or Ypsilanti Public Schools close due to weather-related problems that prohibit safe driving, the Parish Office will be closed and daytime events will be canceled until 5 pm.


For evening events (starting after 4 pm), the program leader will make the decision. The program leader will decide by 2 pm and communicate it to their participants.

Weekend Weather

If there is a severe weather warning that encroaches on the event time, then assume cancellation.

The program/event leader should notify participants prior to the event. If you have not received notification from the program/event leader, participants should assume that if day events were canceled, evening events are canceled.

Teen Drivers

If any doubt of hazardous weather conditions exists, parents should not have their teens drive to a CTK event. Teens are much more likely to have accidents in bad weather. High school activities are always canceled in the event of a winter weather advisory or winter storm warning overlapping any of the event time but may be canceled whenever driving conditions are poor. A1:8 Youth Discipleship event cancellations are communicated via parent and teen email, and on the Christ the King website.

Adoration Chapel

For Adoration Chapel closings, please check the website.

Scheduled adorers should receive an email or text with any chapel closures. For those who are not a scheduled adorer, you can check the main website or go to